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Janine Maynard - South African Wild Life Artist


I was born in the Eastern Cape in South Africa and for as long as I can remember my love for animals has been my passion. Growing up on farms and small-holdings, the expressions and behavior of the different farm animals, and in later life, wild animals in game parks and the African wilderness, created a craving in me to capture their images, first with my camera and then by painting them in oil on canvas.

The animals' various moods and emotions combined with the dramatic African light at dawn and dusk gave me the inspiration to paint their portraits as realistically as possible, especially their eyes. For example, the leopard known to be a solitary animal of the African bush is beguiling in its stealth, power and majesty and deserves to be admired in its truest image by animal lovers around the world.


I now concentrate entirely on painting animal portraits in oil on canvas from images which I capture myself with my camera or from images supplied to me by prospective clients. However, I came to realize that the best work I have ever been able to create was from images that feature the animal's eyes predominantly. Its all about the eyes.........


If you like the art that I create and you're interested in having something created for you then I would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact me with any questions or feedback.

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